contemporary art salon

The Livingroom Opening
December 1, 2009

For immediate release
December 1, 2009

The Livingroom, a new contemporary project salon located in Salt Lake City, Utah, will be opening on December 1, 2009 before its inaugural exhibition. This space was founded in October 2009 by artists Julie Dunker and qi peng as a jumping off point for critical dialogue regarding cutting-edge art within the Utah and international art scene. The Livingroom will be focusing on conceptual art, particularly projects of an experimental nature; installation art; video art; new media art; as well as both abstract painting and photography.

The Livingroom will be representing various artists from an international sphere including well-established artists such as Kay Tuttle and Sibyll Kalff and others; new artists who have not been seen previously in Utah such as Texas artist Emilie Duval who was a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize as well as Brooklyn minimalist Vincent Como whose work has been featured at Western Exhibitions and Charles Fresquez, whose colorful minimal abstractions are represented by Richard Levy Gallery; local artists such as Matthew Choberka who is a fascinating abstract painter as well as an assistant professor at Weber State University. By balancing a program of international and Utah artists, The Livingroom will be focused on presenting thoughtful works that contextualize Utah contemporary art in the overall dialogue of the international art world and vice versa.

The Livingroom will be run by Salt Lake City abstract painter Julie Dunker who has exhibited at East Gallery, Box Gallery, and the Atrium as well as Salt Lake City/New York City conceptual artist qi peng who has exhibited at envoy enterprises; The Lab at Belmar; Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery; and The Gallery at Library Square. Both coordinators work in Salt Lake City.

The space's owners will be working to present challenging exhibitions that play around with the viewer's perceptions and expectations with a hint of understatement. The Livingroom also will be a friendly place for presentation of high-quality artwork for collectors interested in looking for challenging, curated exhibitions presented by the artists themselves without compromise. By doing on-site and off-site projects, the space will be an exciting venue for a sharp focus on the issues that artists are looking at today. Please call (505) 228-1268 or email for further information about shows, artists, or works in inventory.